Saturday, January 19, 2013

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is one of the top japanese game series and this one brings significant changes. If you are a fanatic DMC fan and are faithful to the current series, then chances are you will not appreciate this reboot of the series. Developer Ninja Theory tells a new story that starts at the beginning.

The Beginning:

It becomes quite clear when the game starts: you get the bad guy (Mundus) to see who immediately just demonstrates that he has the whole world dominated by financial debts - he has even the president of America under the thumb - then the hero of the story comes into the picture.This hero is of course Dante, though he has had a complete makeover. His iconic white hairs are dark brown and he looks a lot younger. Dante is in a club where he sees a couple of hotties, dressed as angels, and he takes them home.

The Story:

In this story we go back to the origins of this renewed Dante. He is superhumanly strong and bored. The morning after the intro scene, he wakes up with scratches on his back from the, apparently, rough night before. Dante meets this girl called: Kat, a girl who tries to warn of upcoming danger: a demon who hunts Dante.The story of DmC creates promises of intelligent writing and strong social commentary, and therefore makes it all the more painful when the plot failed in "we are good, they are bad, and we are the only ones who can stop the bad guys."

The overall style and design are just consistently good. The artwork during loading screens, the cool design of the enemies and the fatty soundtrack give DmC a really cool vibe to it. Especially the soundtrack assists in the overall roughness of the game.The new look of Dante is not overly tough, he's pretty thin and looks like a normal young man in simple clothes. It is especially this devil may careattitude during cut-scenes that makes him cool.

These cut scenes are beautifully animated with believable facial animation and lip sync tight. The voice actors give everything so you'll soon be dragged into the world of DmC. Each scene invites you to continue playing.

The combat system is a feast for the eye and provides enough depth to endlessly tweak. This is where the game comes together perfectly, where style and content go hand in hand and a damn cool experience. For the beginner it is accessible enough to enjoy the spectacle, and for the experienced hack 'n slasher is the infinite possibility of varying a great challenge.

                                                  You wil enjoy every second!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Assasin's Creed 3

Assassin's Creed III takes place between 1753 and 1783 during the war of independence that the then American colonies fought against the British. The game is set in New York, Boston and surrounded by forests and mountains.

Players take on the role of Connor, a man with a British father and American Indian mother. Connor is raised by the Mohawk tribe. The settlers burn the Mohawk village to the ground and Connor decides to dedicate his life to fighting this oppression and injustice.

Connor will have to fight large animals, climbing trees and large scale battles. Also new are the naval battles, players can control themselves a galleon and with various types of cannon balls they can attack and sink their opponents.

There is a extensive multiplayer that has several modes where people can go toe to toe, like Wanted, Manhunt, Artifact Assault, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Then there is a new Wolfpack mode, where up to four players can play together against increasingly difficult waves of computer controlled enemies.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Single player:

The single player mode amazes me mainly because of the fascinating story. The game main villain is Menendez Raul who wants to cripple the superpowers and bring the world on the verge of the abyss. U play in the future and in the past, the missions of the past u play as Woods and Mason ( the two heroes from the first Black Ops). These missions are in a sort of flashback-like manner told by Woods in the year 2025. Woods is a old man that lives in a retirement home where he gives information for the missions in 2025 and thus the two different time zones are linked in a fascinating way.

In about 7 hours u play through the game.


Nothing is really surprising in the multiplayer mode. It's fast, chaotic and very cool. The levels are reasonably large with a lot of different sniper spots. The Kill streaks changed into score streaks, the system has a good amount of advantages: everything you do, provides points that count to your streak such as assists or if u got a uav then u get points for each kill that is created by the teammates. To make a long story short, the multiplayer is familiar but it stays very satisficing.

3th big part of the game Zombies:
Black Ops 2 had a trump card up its sleeve: the zombie mode. A lot of innovation that makes it more interesting in general. Ur in a large open world with some main locations and a bus that takes u from location to location. Avoid the zombie mayhem and survive as long as you can!

Enjoying this game and trying to get my platinum trophy :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Dishonored is a first-person action-adventure game in which the player steps into the role of Corvo Atano, the legendary bodyguard of the Empress. When she is murdered and Corvo debt gets pushed into his shoes, he decides to take revenge on the perpetrators and unravels a much larger conspiracy. Corvo is aided on his journey by the Outsider, a powerful being who gives him supernatural powers.

Great Trailer:

Freedom of choice is central in dishonored. Players can directly attack their enemies with various weapons, but can also make use of their surroundings and supernatural powers. There are several routes to areas and buildings to infiltrate, players can stay out of sight, they can teleport and they can take control of living beings  like rats. The result of a mission depends on the choices you make.

Dishonored takes place in Dunwall, a city where foreign technologies and mysticism coexist. A city with an iron fist ruled by an oppressive government, armed with neo-industrial technologies. The world of dishonored is designed by Viktor Antonov, the art director of Half-Life 2.


This game also won the VGA Best Action-Adventure Game!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

South Park: The Stick of Truth

In South Park: The stick of Truth you are the new kid. You just moved to South Park and from there everything begins, there is much that we do not know about the story yet.

The graphic style is very cool and you will see no difference between a cutscene and gameplay. The game genuinely looks like a true South Park episode. Besides the graphic style there are other aspects what makes this game unique. In the game people will find typical south park humor and the voices are also recorded by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

E3 2012 Trailer:

The environments are well known and the story is set in the village of South Park. For the first time we will be able to roam in the village.

The gameplay looks very good aswell. The game is a RPG and it has turned based battles. The attacks that you can do are hilarious, Cartman does a flaming fart while Butters turns into Professor Chaos.

Every image, every piece of video,  all the gameplay must be approved by Matt and Trey and that is very reassuring.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

This game is an upcoming fighting video game, being developed by SuperBot Entertainment in conjunction with SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by SCE. SuperBot was formed to work on playstation All-Stars.

The gameplay is similar to Super Smash Brothers, four players can battle each other using Sony characters   (Sweeth-Tooth, Big daddy, Nariko, Nathan Drake, Sackboy etc etc). The main difference between this game and  Super Smash Brothers is how you score points. In this game they do not use ring-outs like in super smash brothers, but u gain points with super attacks. These attacks are the only way to defeat your opponent.

Each character plays differently and has a unique way of fighting, it takes some time to master your favorite character. It is a iconic line-up that is fun to watch.

Seeing Kratos fighting a Sackboy does something to a playstation fan!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is a survival horror game in the Resident Evil series, developed and published by Capcom.

The game is split up in four Campaigns: Leon, Chris, Jake and Ada. Three of the four campaigns are playable in co-up (both online/offline).

LEON (a raccoon city survivor and government agent)

Leon's campaign has the same atmosphere off horror as Resident evil 4, the environments are great in this one: Graveyards, Subways and other dark settings. This campaign is also graphically the most impressive.

CHRIS ( Former member and founder of BSAA)

Chris Redfield returns in a shooter campaign, it's filled with plot twists and goes along with fast paced quick time events. Chris will encounter alot of enemies that try to mutate after u kill their "human" forms.

JAKE ( Son of Albert Wesker)

This Campaign is very action based and a serious attempt to get variety in the game, it goes from shootouts to stealth, to quick-time events. Not all the elements are well developed but the intention is definitely there.

ADA ( Freelance agent )

The scenario of Resident evil 6 is completed by the story of Ada Wong. This campaign unlocks when u played out the other three campaigns. Ada's campaign is a combination of  Action, Horror and tention. At the moment this is the only story that can only be played solo (there is DLC underway to make this co-up accessible)