Sunday, October 14, 2012

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is a survival horror game in the Resident Evil series, developed and published by Capcom.

The game is split up in four Campaigns: Leon, Chris, Jake and Ada. Three of the four campaigns are playable in co-up (both online/offline).

LEON (a raccoon city survivor and government agent)

Leon's campaign has the same atmosphere off horror as Resident evil 4, the environments are great in this one: Graveyards, Subways and other dark settings. This campaign is also graphically the most impressive.

CHRIS ( Former member and founder of BSAA)

Chris Redfield returns in a shooter campaign, it's filled with plot twists and goes along with fast paced quick time events. Chris will encounter alot of enemies that try to mutate after u kill their "human" forms.

JAKE ( Son of Albert Wesker)

This Campaign is very action based and a serious attempt to get variety in the game, it goes from shootouts to stealth, to quick-time events. Not all the elements are well developed but the intention is definitely there.

ADA ( Freelance agent )

The scenario of Resident evil 6 is completed by the story of Ada Wong. This campaign unlocks when u played out the other three campaigns. Ada's campaign is a combination of  Action, Horror and tention. At the moment this is the only story that can only be played solo (there is DLC underway to make this co-up accessible)


Anonymous said...

haven't played it yet but looks like worth trying

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Thanks

tonyhlav said...

I am definitely gonna try this one. Haven't played any horror games for quite some time, but this is a worth trying. Thanks for the review, cheers!

Anonymous said...

great, i was looking for a game like this

Anonymous said...

Man I loved 5th part, improvement over the previous PC versions. Can't wait for this.

Anonymous said...

looks awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Great game! I go back to ps1 days, lol. Ian

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