Saturday, October 8, 2011

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a upcoming action Rpg published by Square Enix. The mysterious main character, Noctis Lucis Caelum is heir to the dynasty. I got high hopes for the new system called ''Real-Time Events''. The player is able to run around and perform actions during these scenes.

Battles will be alot more action based then 'normal' final fantasy games. Going to be real-time enviroments using alot of height diffrences. Everything looks great in combat and can't wait to see all the summons.

Nomura has stated the return of traversable world map, it was used in the main Final Fantasy series until it got cut out in Final Fantasy X. I can't be happier that it is going to return. I love the large open world map running around on a chocobo. Lets hope this is a grand new start for Squaure Enix . The game could be the Final Fantasy 7 on PS3!

                                          Try not to drool to much :


Joana Galhardo said...

FF is the best!

Milton said...

YES ! is the great game, very nice and good

AbSoLuTe said...

i want this game so bad !!!

Magnum said...

I don't quite get the hype about Final Fantasy series. I mean: I respect it and its gaming community, but personall - I never got hooked to these games. Well, I actually played Final Fantasy VII for a bit (a demo version), so maybe I should give it a try?

Ruka said...

nice game.. but not for my xbox u_u

Anonymous said...

sounds great

Anonymous said...


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